Recently Reported Fatalities of Active Duty Personnel

12 December 2011, CPT Anne M. Montgomery, CWO Frank A.  Buoniconti, CWO  Joseph S. Satterfield and CWO  Lucas Daniel Sigfrid, 4th Squadron, were killed in Washington.

05 June 2011 CW2 Bradley J. Gaudet and CW2 Kenneth R. White, 6th Squadron, were killed in Afganistan.

27 May 2008, CW2 S. Blane Hempfner and CW2 J. Brice Millward, 2nd Squadron were killed in Hawaii.

25 January 2009, CW3 Philip E. Windorski, CW2 Matthew G. Kelly, CW2 Joshua M. Tillery and CW2 Benjamin H. Todd, 6th Squadron were killed in Iraq.

04 July 2007, CW3 Scott A.M. Oswell, 6th Squadron, was killed in Iraq.

28 May 2007, 1LT Keith N. Heidtman and CW2 Theodore U. Church, 2nd Squadron, were killed in Iraq.

21 May 1995, CW2 Kevin L. Jenkins and WO1 John D. Peterson, 1st Squadron, were killed in Arizona.

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