151st Anniversary of the 6th U.S. Cavalry

This year, 2012, is the 151st anniversary of the founding of the 6th Cavalry in 1861.  The “Fighting Sixth” has evolved over the years from the Horse Soldiers to the Armored Cavalry to the Air Cavalry.  Interestingly enough, the unit’s mission has never changed.  The cavalry remains the eyes and ears of the Army.  The cav’s mission is to provide reconnaissance, force protection and to facilitate … [Read more...]

Deceased Members from 4/6 and 6/6

Deaths Reported Since June 2011: ALBERT H. “HAP” HAENFLER SATSUMA, FL Troop C 6h Cavalry Died October 28, 2011 LT/Col CHARLES S. HYMER Fort Belvoir, VA Died June 9, 2011 Thadeus (Ted) Olejniczak Berkley, MI Died October  21, 2011 Chaplain George M. Phillips LTC retired Ogdensburg, NY Died October 28, 2011 GLEN C. PRICE 6th Cavalry Died October 10, 2000 DANIEL R. … [Read more...]

Recently Reported Fatalities of Active Duty Personnel

12 December 2011, CPT Anne M. Montgomery, CWO Frank A.  Buoniconti, CWO  Joseph S. Satterfield and CWO  Lucas Daniel Sigfrid, 4th Squadron, were killed in Washington. 05 June 2011 CW2 Bradley J. Gaudet and CW2 Kenneth R. White, 6th Squadron, were killed in Afganistan. 27 May 2008, CW2 S. Blane Hempfner and CW2 J. Brice Millward, 2nd Squadron were killed in Hawaii. 25 January 2009, CW3 … [Read more...]

6/6 Cavalry Homecoming Party

6/6 Cavalry Homecoming Party in the “Six Shooters” Saloon, Fort Drum, NY 4 November 2011

In November, 2011 Ken Fields and Robert Fisak visited Fort Drum, NY as guests of LTC Downey and the 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry to celebrate the return of the Squadron to Fort Drum from its deployment to Afghanistan. Our visit was memorable, interesting and enjoyable. The highlights of our visit was meeting the troops, attending a great homecoming party and a visit to the flight simulator. The … [Read more...]

111th Annual 6th U.S. Cavalry Veterans Association Reunion

The Association celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Regiment at the 111th annual reunion.  We were fortunate to have as our honored guest and speaker, Colonel Patrick J. Donahoe, Commanding Officer, 4th Cavalry Regiment stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  His inspirational speech reflected the works of Shakespeare as it pertained to our modern Army. COL Donahoe, a … [Read more...]